Assessment of investment attractiveness.

Working with startups, I created a framework for assessing the investment attractiveness of early-stage technology startups. At the beginning of 2021, the framework was used by more than 20 business angels and three business angel pools.

The assessment process takes no more than 7 days. Besides me, a lawyer, a financier, and a technical specialist are involved in the study of investment attractiveness.

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Market Analysis.

Before starting your business, it is important to understand the situation in your home and neighbouring markets. An analysis of 25+ million companies provides an objective picture of the business environment in the European Region.

The resulting analysis will give you an understanding of the market size, the competitive landscape, effective marketing channels and the mechanics of interacting with your customers.

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Building relationships with investors.

Attracting investments is an independent business process that requires constant involvement of at least 6 hours a week. To get one comment, you need to spend at least 60 hours researching the investment climate, drawing up an investment presentation, getting an intro with several dozen investors, and holding several individual conferences with a product presentation.

I will gladly help you in starting this process or take it entirely from us myself. Write to me on Facebook or sign up for a consultation during which we can discuss a strategy for attracting investment.

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